• Agricultural origin supports China’s 5000-year civilization


  • Tea Horse Road remains a historic  site of commerce and ethnic culture

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  • The landscape of Dingri in Tibet Autonomous Region, a leg of the southwestern section of the Tea Horse Road Photo: Chen Baoya/CSST China is home to tea. As part of Chinese people’s lives, tea is a crucial element of Chinese culture. Among the mountains in Southwest China, there is a net…
  • Spatial theory sparks research in new multidisciplinary areas

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  • Garbage sorting calls for holistic planning

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  • When this character is pronounced as zhāo, it means morning. When pronounced as cháo, it often refers to a dynasty. In ancient China, e…
  • Generally, this character is pronounced as wén, meaning patterns, motifs or designs. When pronounced as wèn, this character is inter…


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  • In 1421, the Emperor Zhu Di moved the capital to Beijing, while maintaining Nanjing's function as a capital at the same time. This left Nanjing as the political, military, economic and cultural cent…
  • The culture of civilians has not only provided storylines and forms of expression for the generation and development of opera, but more importantly, it has changed the direction of cultural developm…


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